Review of Laura Cheadle’s new album ‘Chill’ in Skope Mag!

“Laura Cheadle is not one to just kick back and do nothing but rather she is a fierce, go-getter with a pedal-to-the-metal-type attitude. But, Laura Cheadle decided to ease off the accelerator and slow things down a bit on her latest release, ‘Chill’. The title of the record matches the mood & tone of the entire album as Laura puts the listener in a state of deep relaxation. Even on the cover, one will view the elegant Laura Cheadle calmly sitting on a sofa while sippin’ on a drink. Now, onto the tunes and sweet sounds of serenity!” Read More here

Laura Cheadle Blues Review at Gypsy Moon Blues Festival

Philadelphia’s WXPN awarded Laura Cheadle and the Family Band thrilled the festival with her lovely youthful stage presence, her strong bluesy voice and the band’s polished delivery of a mixture of original and cover songs. Laura also honored my friend, Gypsy Nance, …